Thermomix 'Something for Everyone'

Thermomix Something For Everyone is the ideal book for families lucky enough to own a Thermomix. It's a Thermomix edition of Louise's earlier Something for Everyone book but it contains only Thermomix recipes, some adapted from the original book and some completely new. It features over 80 recipes intended for adults, each with a baby and toddler adaption and allergy symbols. Because all of the recipes are family meals, suited for the youngest and the oldest members of your household, It's the perfect book for parents who want to avoid cooking two dinners every night.

Something for Everyone

Avoid cooking two dinners every night and bring the whole family together with deliciously healthy meals with Something for Everyone. The book features over 80 recipes - each one with baby and toddler adaptions. The chapters cover Breakfast, Snacks + Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts + Baking, so you’ve got every meal taken care of. The book also includes a guide to feeding children from starting solids, to managing fussy eating, to optimising nutrition in the school years. Every recipe is coloured photographed and includes allergy symbols.

Thermomix Cooking For Your Baby & Toddler

Thermomix Cooking For Your Baby & Toddler is a perfect book for those parents lucky enough to own a Thermomix. It's a Thermomix edition of Louise's earlier baby and toddler book but it contains only Thermomix recipes, some adapted from the original book and some completely new. It features over 100 recipes and covers everything parents need to know about starting solids and ensuring healthy eating into the toddler years. 

Cooking for Your Baby & Toddler

Cooking For Your Baby and Toddler covers everything you need to know about introducing your baby to solids and ensuring healthy eating habits into the toddler years. With over 100 quick and easy recipes, from simple purees to family meals that can be served from the time of starting solids, this book will help your child develop a taste for new flavours while providing the nutrients so crucially needed in the early years.

My Grandma's Kitchen

Join Lulu and Grandma in the kitchen, where they cook up the most delicious dishes like pancakes, macaroni cheese (Lulu’s favourite!) and saucy chocolate pudding. Grandma teaches Lulu how to whisk and chop and measure … even beat egg whites for pavlova! With little brother Harry as her trusty apprentice, there’s no stopping Lulu on her kitchen adventures…

The Best Ever Birthday

It’s Lulu’s birthday and she needs to organise her party, but what theme will she choose to make this the best ever birthday? A party in outer space, a teddy bear’s picnic or a trip to the circus...? Join Harry, Grandma and Nutmeg the dog as they help Lulu prepare her party and cook up delicious treats such as dinosaur cake, chocolate meteoroids and circus cupcakes. With such a helpful team will Lulu’s party be a success?

The OzHarvest Cookbook

Louise is proud to be a contributor to the stunning OzHarvest Cookbook, a collection of 'food rescue' recipes from Australia's most celebrated chefs and food writers including Neil Perry, Matt Moran, Bill Granger and Maggie Beer. By purchasing the book you are helping to support OzHarvest's extraordinary work - rescuing food that would otherwise be discarded and distributing it to those in need.